Change Your Life with A Smile Makeover

Change Your Life with A Smile Makeover

A beautiful smile plays a significant role in how you view and feel about yourself and how other individuals view you. When you have cosmetic factors blemishing your smile, it often makes you feel unattractive and sometimes makes you appear older than you truly are. While many people aren’t satisfied with the appearance of their smile, many need to be made aware that they can fix the flaws using cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry offers simple and effective procedures to transform your smile’s appearance completely. With years of experience, Drs. Rocco & Ernest Mantini will discuss the best smile makeover treatment to give you a radiant smile.

Dental Issues Addressed by a Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dentistry can fix many dental issues, both major and minor dental imperfections. Drs. Rocco & Ernest Mantini will evaluate your smile during a personalized consultation to discuss the best plan of treatment to give you a confident smile that makes you proud.

  • Stained, discolored, or dull teeth: Clearing away stains from tea, coffee, and cigarettes may be challenging by only brushing. Teeth whitening can help get rid of stains.
  • Minor gaps and chips: A smile that reveals gaps and jagged teeth can be troubling for some patients. Minor imperfections such as gaps or chips can be corrected by dental bonding.
  • Tooth decay: Mild to moderate decay affects people of all ages. The dentist will remove the decay and recommend dental filling or dental inlays/onlays to fill the cavity.
  • Cracked or fractured tooth: If a tooth is damaged or decayed such that an inlay/onlay or a filling isn’t a viable option, the dentist may use a dental crown to cover the tooth.
  • Missing teeth: A lost tooth hurts your smile’s appearance. It also increases the risk of getting tooth decay and affects your bite. Options such as dental implants or bridges are viable.
  • Swollen bleeding gums: Gum disease is associated with swollen, inflamed, or painful gums. Periodontal disease treatment involves deep cleaning, and surgical intervention is done if the disease has advanced.
  • Severe tooth pain: Tooth pain may signify that you have various dental issues. Apart from decay, another common cause of tooth pain is a root canal infection.
  • Broken and severely worn dentine: Neglecting oral health often leads to severe dental issues requiring multiple cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments.

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With a radiant new smile, you’ll experience greater confidence and an improved outlook on life. So if you’re ready for a smile makeover, call our offices Ernest J. Mantini, DMD & Rocco M. Mantini, DMD, today at (814) 536-4804 (Johnstown) or (814) 479-4525 (Davidsville).

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